PCR on the Go: Your Lab in a Backpack

Bento Lab is the portable PCR workstation that helps research teams move faster and make more progress than they ever thought possible.

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“it’s like magic”
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Skip the red tape. Spend more time on science.

It’s a struggle to juggle students, teaching, research, deadlines, and expectations — especially when you’re trying to land the next grant. We get it.

We built Bento Lab so you can spend more time on the fun bit: the SCIENCE.

With Bento Lab, you can collect samples and get data on site. With everything in reach, and every sample checked before you go home.

Lab on the road? This could be your view.

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Peer-Approved: Let Our Customers Speak for Us

“[A] comparison of the amplification of target RNA between the Bento Lab and a regular thermocycler by quantitatively measuring Cas12a-dependent fluorescence shows that the portable laboratory can be a solid alternative.”

Alcántara et al. (2021). Unlocking SARS-CoV-2 detection in low-and middle-income countries. Cell reports methods, 1 (7), 100093.

“[Bento Lab is] deployable to remote locations with minimal household-grade infrastructures […] The standard protocols of a laboratory may be used without amendments and adaptations […]”

Kambouris et al. (2020). Point-of-need molecular processing of biosamples using portable instrumentation to reduce turnaround time. Biosafety and Health, 2 (3), 177-182.

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Your All-In-One Toolkit for Working Remotely

All the essentials in one package.

(1) 32 well thermocycler

(2) microcentrifuge 

(3) blue LED transilluminator 

(4) gel electrophoresis tank and power supply

(5) intuitive interface 

(6) a convenient tube rack