Gel Electrophoresis
and Transilluminator

30 V – 120 V
Blue LED


500 g – 8,000 g


max ramp rate: 2.5 °C/s
active cooling

Footprint: A4

Weight: 3.5kg – 8lb

Detailed Specification

A fully-fledged DNA analysis laboratory the size of a laptop

PCR Thermocycler



Temperature Range: 21 °C to 99 °C

Temperature Range: 12 °C to 102 °C,
supports touchdown

Block size: 32 wells, 0.2 mL tubes

Ramp rate: up to 2.5 °C/s

Temperature accuracy: ± 0.2 °C of programmed target

Temperature uniformity: ± 0.5 °C well-to-well

Lid temperature range: Ambient to 120 °C

Memory: Store up to 100 PCR programs


Fixed Speed: 7,000 rpm

Variable Speed: 3,000 – 13,500 rpm

Fixed RCF: 2,700 g

Variable RCF: 500 – 8,000 g

Modes: Quick spin or timed spin

Capacity 6 x 1.5 mL tubes

Capacity: 6 x 2 mL tubes

Gel Electrophoresis

Fixed Voltage: 50V

Variable Voltage: 30V – 120V

Gel tray dimensions: 91 mm x 78 mm

Gel volume: 25 mL gel, 30 mL buffer

Wells: 9 and 12 well combs

Gel Box and Imaging Hood included


Surface dimensions: 105 mm x 85 mm

Electronics Design: Blue LED array

LED wavelength: 468 nm (visible blue light).

Material: Scratch-resistant acrylic plastic


Dimensions: 330mm * 214mm * 81mm (13in * 8.4in * 3.1in)

Weight: 3.5 kg / 123 oz

Universal Power: 110 – 240 V, 47 – 63 Hz

Memory LCD Display, Click-Dial Interface

Wireless connectivity for software updates

Big capacity, small footprint 

  • Designed for optimal heat transfer
  • Compatible with your standard PCR reagents and consumables.
  • Fits 8-tube strips for sequencing workflows. 

Rapid DNA separation

Mini Gel Electrophoresis

Cast and run your gel in the same tank with no need for tape or extra parts

Platinum electrodes for clean operation and durability

Moulded gel tank to prevent leaks with a vented lid to dissipate heat during electrophoresis

Quick spins and cell separations

13K Microcentrifuge

Speeds up to 13,500 rpm (8,000 xg)

Safety auto-lock closure system

Maintenance-free motor

Powerful, compact and cold-room compatible

Power Up

Worldwide Compatibility

Equipped with a universal power supply, Bento Lab works anywhere in the world.

Connected and simple

Stay up to date with rapid software updates

Wireless connectivity makes Bento Lab software updates easy.


Used by academics worldwide. 

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