Bento Lab Motor (v2) Replacement Repair Guide

This is a guide for installing a new motor in Bento Lab. 

This guide covers a Bento Lab with hardware version v1.31, using motor v2.

What you will need

  • Screwdriver set
  • Replacement motor assembly

Removing the old motor

Step 1: Remove rotor

First remove the centrifuge rotor, including the tooth washer. Keep these parts separate.

Step 2: Open the baseplate

Turn the Bento Lab upside down and remove the screws to open up the baseplate

Step 3. Disconnect the motor wire

Gently pull out the motor wire. Be careful not to damage the connector on the motor controller board.

Step 4. Remove the 3 screws

Remove the 3 screws that hold the motor assembly to the case. 

Now remove the motor assembly. Take out the shock absorbers and hang on to them to re-install them for the new assembly.

Installing the new motor

Step 1. Fasten the new assembly

Put the three shock absorbers into the mounting holes. 

Put the motor assembly in place. Check that the wire is in the correct orientation so that you can connect it to the motor controller later.

Then use the 3 screws to fasten the motor assembly to the case. Make sure the assembly is securely fastened.

Step 2. Connect motor to the controller

Connect the new motor wire to the controller. Be careful not to damage the connector on the controller.

Step 3. Finishing

Close up the baseplate, and re-install the rotor and tooth washer.