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Bento Lab in a classroom workshop with A-level students

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Biotechnology 101 Kit

Bento Lab is ready-to-go laboratory hardware. The Biotechnology 101 Kit contains all the materials you need when learning to use Bento Lab for the first time, including instructions and reagents.

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Food Safety

Meat quality is a serious issue in the food industry. How sure are you that your burger or supermarket lasagne is really made of beef and not other types of meat? Identify different types of meat samples by studying mitochondrial DNA.

Human Genetics

For some people, lactose intolerance is related to genetics. This project explores the genetic variation of the gene MCM6, which controls the expression of the lactase enzyme.

Genetic Modification

Humans influence plant genetics by farming, selective breeding, and now through genetic modification. Explore this scientific technique, and discuss the societal and political landscape surrounding it.

Emerging technologies

Real-world research

Embark on experimenting with real-world protocols and teach techniques used in cutting-edge research, from GMO detection to human genotyping, and from biodiversity to blood typing.

Make better progress with visual instructions

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Essential techniques

Master essential techniques

Work your way through core molecular biology lab techniques including DNA extraction, PCR, electrophoresis, and troubleshoot as you go.

Experiential learning

Hands-on experience

Empower your students to get hands-on with biotechnology every step from start to finish, as they set-up, visualise and document DNA experiments.

“We do a lot of work on DNA technology, which is really interesting, really exciting and very current, but the pupils don’t ever get a real hands-on experience with it.”

Danielle Fountain, Head of Science
King Solomon Academy, London