The whole
DNA analysis lab
in your hands.

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Take PCR wherever you go.

The whole DNA analysis lab
in your hands.

Take PCR
wherever you go.

Using Bento Lab without a microwave during fieldwork

There is no need for your Bento Lab use to be limited by microwave oven availability in the field.

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Tracking Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in the Field with Bento Lab and MinION

Could it be possible to track the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria with field equipment?

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“[A] comparison of the amplification of target RNA between the Bento Lab and a regular thermocycler by quantitatively measuring Cas12a-dependent fluorescence shows that the portable laboratory can be a solid alternative.”

Alcántara et al. (2021). Unlocking SARS-CoV-2 detection in low-and middle-income countries. Cell reports methods , 1 (7), 100093.

“[Bento Lab is] deployable to remote locations with minimal household-grade infrastructures […] The standard protocols of a laboratory may be used without amendments and adaptations […]”

Kambouris et al. (2020). Point-of-need molecular processing of biosamples using portable instrumentation to reduce turnaround time. Biosafety and Health, 2 (3), 177-182.

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From beginner to pro. Learn and discover with DNA.

DNA Barcoding

Identify species with standardised methods used globally.

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Fungi & Mushrooms

Are you a mycologist? Add genotyping to your bag of tricks!

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Bird Sexing

Find out if your birds are male or female.

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Field Sequencing

Prepare DNA samples and PCR amplicons for sequencing in the field with a portable workstation.

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Rice cooker, pre-cast gels, and E-Gel with crocodile lip cables on a table

First time buyer’s guide: What do I need for my Bento Lab?

We get many emails asking us: “When I buy a Bento Lab, what else will I need?” Here we cover the main items to buy to get you started using Bento Lab.

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Come Fly With Me, Bento Lab

Is it difficult to take Bento Lab on a plane? Not at all! Here are 5 top tips for flying with your Bento Lab, so that you really can take your lab wherever your research takes you.

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Green and Yellow Budgerigar

Bird Sexing Primers and Protocols for Bento Lab

Identifying the sex of birds can be essential for bird owners, breeders, conservationists, and many other people. A DNA test to determine the bird’s sex is often the best solution.

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