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  • 32-well thermocycler
  • fixed speed centrifuge at 2,700 g
  • fixed voltage electrophoresis (50 V)

£1,299.00 ex VAT

Configure your Bento Lab

Need multiple?

Add more units with the same settings.


Power connector

Internationally compatible power supply included

Plug it in: We stock the most common choice of plug connectors. You can swap the provided cable for a standard cable so you can use whatever is local. Ask us if you need help!

Worldwide: Bento Lab is equipped with an internationally compatible Mean Well power supply, so you can use Bento Lab in Japan, Mexico or Tanzania by just changing the plug cable.

Need extra long warranty?

Thoughtful Choices: Bento Lab Seconds

Save budget with a step towards sustainability

In every factory, there are parts with small imperfections. We want to be mindful of our footprint, and we invite you to consider buying an imperfect Bento Lab – a cosmetic ‘second’.

Bento Lab seconds are brand new units, built with plastic parts that have cosmetic imperfections. They go through the same rigorous testing, and they are backed by our warranty and our team.

For more detail, have a look here

Looking for accessories?

Carrying Case for Bento Lab