Magnesium Chloride
(25 mM MgCl2)

Additive for adjusting Mg2+ concentration in PCR assays


Magnesium Chloride
(25 mM MgCl2)

Additive for adjusting Mg2+ concentration in PCR assays


Optimise magnesium ion concentration in PCR using Magnesium Chloride (25 mM MgCl2). Provided as a 0.22 µm membrane-filtered solution, 2.5 mL provides enough magnesium chloride for up to 2,000 reactions of 20 μL.

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2.5 mL


Magnesium ions, added in the form of magnesium chloride (MgCl2), are an essential cofactor for polymerase enzyme activity during PCR. Too low a concentration will result in weak amplification or complete PCR failure, while too much can promote non-specific amplification. Although PCR Master Mixes contain enough MgCl2 for typical use, they may require an increased concentration in some circumstances, for example when compensating for PCR inhibitors present in DNA extracts that might bind to Mg2+ ions.

MgCl2 solution is used for adjusting Mg2+ concentration in PCR reactions. It can be used in combination with Master Mixes such as FIREPol® and HOT FIREPol® Master Mixes, or other commercial Master Mixes, PCR beads and polymerases. In most applications a final concentration of 1.5 mM MgCl2 is optimal for a satisfactory yield.


  • Free of exodeoxyribonucleases, ribonucleases, and phosphatases


Additive for PCR reactions.


Recommended Usage

Magnesium chloride is usually used in PCR reactions. Concentration should be optimized according to Master Mix, template and primer combination.

Thaw the reagents on ice before use. Mix and spin down the solutions before use to recover the maximum amount.


Magnesium Chloride (25 mM MgCl2).

Storage & Stability

Routine storage at –20ºC. Temporary storage at room temperature has no detrimental effects on the quality of this reagent. Optionally aliquot into sterile tubes and freeze to minimise potential microbial contamination after opening.

Shipping conditions

Shipped at room temperature.

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