Molecular biology supplies

Molecular Biology Supplies

All of the essentials.

Molecular Biology Supplies

All of the essentials.

From start to finish

Key ingredients to go from DNA sample to result.

Get ahold of fundamental reagents and consumables, from pipette tips and standard tubes, to thermostable polymerase and PCR additives.

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Just right

Pick the best size for your needs.

We understand that different experiments require different quantities, and everyone hates waste. We offer reagents in a range of sizes – from 20 reactions to 100s – so you can find the amount that is just right.

Go big for everyday use, or small for one-off projects. Our low volume tubes are ideal for workshops and fieldwork without risking contamination and degradation.

No cold chain? No problem.

Room temperature shipping without compromise.

Science should be fuss-free. We have chosen products that have been developed for modern science in extreme environments. Our reagents can be stored at room temperature for a minimum of 30 days.

Our partners have developed enzymes and master mixes are stable at room temperature with full performance up to 1 month

Good things come in small packages

Shipping fees to match your parcel.

We ship reagents in compact packages, starting at the price of a stamp. Spend less on shipping and get more bang for your buck.

All the essentials for your workflow

DNA Extraction

PCR Amplification

Gel Electrophoresis

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Lab supplies.

Explore reagents and consumables.

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