Gel Imaging Hood and 2 mL Rotor

Bento Lab Co-Founder

Small but impactful hardware updates

We are always improving Bento Lab to make it more versatile and robust. Bento Lab now ships with a foldable Gel Imaging Hood, and Bento Lab Pro comes with an updated rotor design for higher capacity.

Gel Imaging Hood

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The new Gel Imaging Hood is now included with Bento Lab, and will make it much easier to see and photograph gel bands in bright environments. The simple dark box design can fold flat, so that it takes up little space when you’re travelling. It includes an amber filter, so you can capture sharp pictures of your gels quickly and consistently.

2 mL Bento Lab Pro Rotor

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We have updated the design of the centrifuge rotor for Bento Lab Pro, and it is now compatible with 2 mL tubes. The previous version of the rotor was limited to a maximum tube size of 1.5 mL unskirted tubes. This meant that commercial extraction kits such as Qiagen spin columns had to be modified to fit. With the new 2 mL rotor, these types of spin columns fit without modifications. You can read more about compatible tube sizes in our manual.

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