Bento Lab Centrifuge Lock Upgrade Kit – Instructions

Please note that this procedure is done at your own risk unless explicitly directed by us.

The kit has the following elements

  • Centrifuge Lock assembly with press-type terminal
  • 2 x screws
  • Stripping tool

You will also need a screwdriver set with bits T8, T10 and  PH2.

Step 1: Remove defective solenoid

Use the screwdriver bit T10 to open the centrifuge lid. 

Remove the plastic cover and the centrifuge window.

To easily remove the plastic cover, push the window from the back of the lid.

Place the Bento Lab resting on the hinge side, so you can easily work on the centrifuge lid.

Use the screwdriver bit PH2 to unscrew the lock assembly from the lid, and disconnect the 4-wire cable.  

Cut the 2-wire cable at the point shown in the picture.

Step 2: Connect the 2-wire cable to the new lock

Using the supplied stripping tool, strip around 4-5mm of the plastic insulation from the wire.

To do this, insert the wire into the smallest hole on the stripping tool as shown, press firmly and pull the insulation off. You may need a few attempts. The end result should look like the second picture.

Connect the stripped wires to the terminal of the new lock.

Press the clip down and insert the stripped wire inside. Ensure to match black with black and red with red.

Then, connect the 4-wire cable to the new lock.

Step 3: Finish replacement

Fasten the lock assembly to the lid using the 2 screws supplied with the kit.

Use screwdriver bit T8, and use the new screws supplied with the kit instead of reusing the old screws.

To ensure the 2-wire cable does not get in the way while closing the lid, arrange it as shown in the picture, under the lock assembly and around the boss.

Peel off the double-sided tape on the back of the terminal and attach it to the bottom right corner of the lid. Be careful to position the terminals in the right position, as the tape is very strong.

To ensure the 2 wires cable at the bottom of the lid does not get in the way while closing the lid, arrange it as shown in the picture.

Now, put the clear window back. Then mount the plastic cover from the bottom first, then push on the top of the cover to squeeze it under the lock body.

Finally, use screwdriver bit T10 to fasten the plastic cover using the four black screws.