GelGreen® DNA Stain

Safety Data Sheet according to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH)

1. Identification of the substance and of the company

Product nameDNA Gel Stain 10,000x in Water
Catalog numberB101-DNA-STAIN, GG-100, GG-500, GG-1000
Supplier informationBento Bioworks Ltd
5 Hancock Road
London, E3 3DA
United Kingdom
Emergency telephone number
Within the USA & Canada: 1-800-424-9300
Outside the USA & Canada: 1-703-741-5970

2. Hazards identification

Classification of the substance or mixture
According to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (EU-GHS/CLP)
The product contains no substances which are considered to be hazardous to health at their given concentration.
Label elements
Labelling according Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 [CLP]
PictogramNot applicable
Signal wordNot applicable
Hazard statementsNot applicable
Precautionary statementsNot applicable
Other hazardsNot applicable

3. Composition / information on ingredients

Hazardous ingredients according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008
ComponentNucleic Acid StainWater
CAS number7732-18-5
EIN / ECS number231-791-2
Weight %<1%99%
REACH registration number

4. First aid measures

Description of first aid measures
If inhaledIf breathed in, move person into fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration.
If swallowedNever give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Rinse mouth with water.
In case of skin contactWash off with soap and plenty of water.
In case of eye contactFlush eyes with water as a precaution.
Notes to physicianTreat symptomatically.

5. Firefighting measures

Extinguishing mediaDry chemical, CO2, water spray or alcohol resistant foam.
Special hazardsNot applicable.
Firefighting precautionsBurning produces poisonous gases, sulfur oxides. Wear self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing to prevent contact with skin and eyes.

6. Accidental release measures

Personal precautionsEnsure adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Use personal protection equipment.
Environmental precautionsAvoid discharge into drains and waterways whenever possible.
Methods for cleaning upSoak up with inert absorbent material (sand, diatomite, acid binders, universal binders, sawdust).

7. Handling and storage

Precautions for safe handlingAvoid inhalation of vapour or mist. Avoid direct contact with substance.
Conditions for safe storageLabel and store at room temperature in a dry, well-ventilated place.
Specific end use(s)For research and educational use only.

8. Exposure controls/personal protection

Engineering MeasuresNot required.
Personal protective equipment
Respiratory ProtectionRespiratory protection is not required.
Hand ProtectionFor prolonged or repeated contact use protective gloves.
Eye ProtectionSafety glasses.
Skin and Body ProtectionWear laboratory coat for body protection.
Hygiene MeasuresHandle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice.

9. Physical and chemical properties

OdourNot defined
pH value Undetermined
Boiling pointUndetermined
Melting pointUndetermined
Flash pointNot applicable
AutoignitionNot applicable
Explosion hazardNot applicable
Vapour pressureNo information available
Relative densityNo information available
Water solubilitySoluble in water
Other dataNo other data

10. Stability and reactivity

ReactivityNone known.
Chemical stabilityStable under normal conditions.
Hazardous reactionsHazardous reaction has not been reported.
Conditions to avoidHeat, flames and sparks.
Incompatible materialsNo data available.
Hazardous decompositionHazardous decomposition products formed under fire conditions: carbon oxides and sulfur oxides.

11. Toxicological information

Routes of Exposure
Acute toxicityNo data available
Irritation and corrosionNo data available
SensitisationNo data available
Chronic exposureNo data available
Exposure SymptomsNo data available
Potential Health Effects
InhalationMay be harmful if inhaled. May cause respiratory tract irritation.
SkinMay be harmful if absorbed through skin. May cause skin irritation.
EyesMay cause eye irritation.
IngestionMay be harmful if swallowed.
Target OrgansNone.

12. Ecological information 

EcotoxicityNo information available.
DegradabilityNo information available.
AccumulationNo information available.
MobilityNo information available.
Further informationNo information available.

13. Disposal considerations

Waste treatment methodsObserve all federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Do not dispose product directly into sewage.

14. Transport information

ADR/RID/ICAO/IATA classThis substance is considered to be non-hazardous for transport.

15. Regulatory information

EU guidelinesThis product is not subject to regulations under EU Directives and the Ordinance on Hazardous Materials.
US Federal RegulationsThis product is not subject to regulations under US Toxic Substances Control Act(TSCA), and SARA 302/313/311/312.

16. Other Information

This information is based on available knowledge and shall be used only as a guide. All materials and mixtures may present unknown hazards and should be used with caution.

This shall not constitute a guarantee for any specific product features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship. Bento Bioworks Ltd is not held liable for any damage resulting from handling or from contact with the above mentioned products.