Biotech 101.Learn PCR in one day.

Simple hands-on lessons for learning the entire PCR workflow by yourself. No prior knowledge required.

This collection of guides will teach you the basics of DNA analysis. Together they form a crash course, designed to get you to do practical hands-on experiments quickly.

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DIY PCR for real-world applications.

DNA Barcoding

Identify species with standardised methods used globally.

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Bird Sexing

Find out if your birds are male or female.

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We are working on adding new PCR-based workflows for real-world applications.
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Step-by-step protocols.

Gel Electrophoresis

Use gel electrophoresis to visualise your PCR results.

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DNA Extraction from Tissue

Extract a DNA sample from meat tissue.

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DNA Extraction from Saliva

Extract a DNA sample from saliva.

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