Agarose Tablets

Pre-weighed Agarose for Gel Electrophoresis

£4.95£59.50 ex VAT

Agarose Tablets

Pre-weighed Agarose for Gel Electrophoresis

£4.95£59.50 ex VAT

No mess, no fuss. Agarose tablets make gels easy, with no weighing required. Each tablet contains 0.5 g of molecular biology grade agarose. Just add the tablet to buffer, dissolve and go. Make up to 20 gels on Bento Lab with 10 tablets.



Bento Agarose Tablets make agarose gel electrophoresis easy. The agarose is molecular grade and used for size-based separation of nucleic acids in agarose gel electrophoresis applications.


  • Convenient and clean. No messy powder, and no weighing required.
  • Simple. Add a tablet to running buffer, heat and pour.
  • Quick. Dissolves fast, and gels set rapidly.
  • Pure. Excellent resolution and low background signals.


  • PCR product analysis
  • Gel extraction and DNA recovery 
  • Plasmid characterisation
  • Southern/Northern blotting
  • DNA Fingerprinting
  • RFLP analysis
  • Detection of DNA polymorphisms
  • Restriction enzyme mapping
  • Glycoprotein Electrophoresis



Agarose tablets (0.5 g per tab)

Storage & Stability

Store dry and at room temperature.

Shipping conditions

Shipped at room temperature.

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