Microcentrifuge Tubes, 1.5 mL

Graduated polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes, natural

£6.99£29.99 ex VAT

Microcentrifuge Tubes, 1.5 mL

Graduated polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes, natural

£6.99£29.99 ex VAT

Use these single use microcentrifuge tubes for storing, preparing, transporting, mixing samples and reagents. Suitable for boiling, freezing and centrifuging. Certified RNAse, DNAse, human DNA and pyrogen free. Available as standard or certified sterile.



Microcentrifuge tubes are routinely used in many aspects of molecular biology. These conical 1.5 mL tubes are ideal for the processing and storage of small volume samples, extracts and reagents.

The tubes are made from pure polypropylene and are manufactured with state of the art product equipment housed in a positive pressure HEPA filtered environment. No processing additives such as slip agents, biocides or antistatic agents are used during production. The tubes are certified RNAse, DNAse, DNA and Pyrogen free. Your samples remain protected from potential bioactive contaminants.

Each tube is made from robust virgin polypropylene, making them tough and durable under repeated use. They feature a flat cap with a bevelled edge for comfortable opening and closing, providing a precise seal for reduced evaporation rates, and a flat surface for easy labelling.


  • Ideal for centrifugation: Compatible with standard microcentrifuges. Conservatively rated to 20,000 x g during centrifugation, but will perform to higher specification under optimal conditions
  • Free from contamination: Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free. Available in a certified sterile format if required
  • Thermally resilient: Temperature range: –80 ºC to 121 ºC
  • Autoclavable: Tubes and samples can be sterilised if required using a laboratory autoclave or a pressure cooker
  • Convenient: Supplied in resealable bags


Storage, mixing, and processing of samples, reagents, DNA extracts and purified DNA.


Recommended Usage

Keep microcentrifuge tubes sealed in the original packaging until use. To minimise potential contamination shake tubes into a clean gloved hand or clean surface rather than putting a hand into the bag, and organise on a clean 1.5 mL tube rack. Label clearly on both lid and sides with a fine permanent marker. If tubes are to be kept after use, samples can be stored in a 1.5 – 2 mL tube box or in clearly labelled ziplock bags.


Microcentrifuge Tubes, 1.5 mL, polypropylene, certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free.

Storage & Stability

Store at room temperature. Keep packages sealed and away from sources of contamination such as dust, damp, or PCR products. To avoid potential contamination we recommended that tubes be handled with clean gloves, and that unused tubes are not put back into the original packaging once removed.

Shipping conditions

Shipped at room temperature.

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