Primer Mix, Ready-To-Use

Catalogue Pack Size*
PM-ACT-400 400 µL (200 rxn)
PM-BIT-400 400 µL (200 rxn)
PM-GM-400 400 µL (200 rxn)
PM-LT-400 400 µL (200 rxn)
PM-MD-400 400 µL (200 rxn)
PM-RH-400 400 µL (200 rxn)
* Assuming 20 µL PCR reactions.
For research and educational use only.


Primers are short DNA sequences, which are used to define the region amplified during PCR. The Ready-To-Use primer mixes contain all the primers for a specific project, premixed and diluted to an easy-to-use concentration. They are designed for the Bento DNA Analysis Projects, a range of hands-on projects exploring genetics.

Application Recommendations

For use with the Bento DNA Analysis Projects:

Reagent Composition

Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Storage & Stability

Store at 4ºC for up to nine months, or at –20 °C for longer term storage. 

Temporary storage for up to 6 months at room temperature has no detrimental effects.

Shipping conditions

Shipped at room temperature.

Safety warnings and precautions

This product and its components are not considered hazardous in their given concentrations. However, as with all scientific reagents this product should be handled and stored with care as standard practice. Wear gloves. Care should be taken to avoid contact with skin or eyes. In case of contact with skin or eyes, wash immediately with water.

Quick Start Protocol

Label PCR tubes with a fine permanent marker, and make a list of samples and tube numbers.

For a 20 µL reaction:

  1. Pipette 2 µL of the Ready-To-Use Primer Mix into each PCR tube.
  2. Using new pipette tips each time, pipette DNA template and Master Mix into each tube.
  3. Make up the final volume by adding PCR Grade Water.
  4. Close the tubes, and mix well.
  5. Place in thermocycler, and run the appropriate PCR programme.
*per 20 µL reaction
*per 25 µL reaction
Final Concentration
Primer Mix2 µL2.5 µL1.0 μM
PCR Master Mixas per protocolas per protocol1X
DNA template1-4 µL1-5 µL< 250ng
PCR Grade Water (up to final volume)0 – 17 µL0 – 22 µL
Total Volume20 µL25 µL