Biotech 101 Primer Mixes, 200 rnx

Ready-To-Use Primer Mixes for DNA Analysis Projects

£14.99 ex VAT

Biotech 101 Primer Mixes, 200 rnx

Ready-To-Use Primer Mixes for DNA Analysis Projects

£14.99 ex VAT

For use with the Bento DNA Analysis Projects.


Explore genetics using primer mixes for projects that range from the control of lactose tolerance through to the detection of genetically modified plant material. The Ready-To-Use primer mix is pre-prepared for easy use – just add the DNA template and master mix. Provided as a 10x concentrated stock solution, the 400 µL tube is suitable for up to 200 rxn.



Primers are short DNA sequences, which are used to define the region amplified during PCR. The Ready-To-Use primer mixes contain all the primers for a specific project, premixed and diluted to an easy-to-use concentration. They are designed for the DNA Analysis Projects, a range of hands-on projects exploring genetics.


  • Ready-To-Use: Skip rehydrating your primers, and just add DNA template and Master Mix.
  • Convenient: Save on time and pipette tips with a premixed solution
  • Easy: No need for dilution calculations with a 10X concentration – add 2uL to a 20µL reaction.


For use with the Bento DNA Analysis Projects:

  • Athlete’s Gene: Investigate which versions of the “Athlete” gene you have. Variations of the ACTN3 gene are associated with a preference for sprinting or endurance running , and can explain around 2-3% of the difference in muscle performance between different people.
  • Bitterness Tasting Gene: Find out if you have a version of a version of the TAS2R38 gene that allows you to taste a bitter chemical called PTC. This chemical is related to the bitter chemicals in raw broccoli and brussel sprouts, and may explain why some people like or hate these vegetables.
  • GM Plant Detection: Assess different plants to test if they have been genetically modified. Throughout history, humans have influenced plant genetics by farming and selectively breeding, and genetic modification is a new part of the plant breeding toolbox.
  • Lactose Tolerance Gene: Explore if your ability to digest lactose is genetic. Humans only adapted relatively recently to digest milk after infancy. For some of us, the production of the lactase enzyme stops when we become an adult, which is influenced by variations of the gene MCM6.
  • Meat Detection: How sure are you what your burger or supermarket lasagne is really made of? Are there traces of pork or beef in a sample? To identify different species in meat samples, the mitochondrial DNA can be studied, as it remains more intact compared to genomic DNA during food processing.
  • Rhesus Blood Group: Discover how blood types are categorised, and test your Rhesus (Rh) blood group. The Rh factor is an inherited protein that exists on the surface of red blood cells. Most people are Rh positive, which means the blood has the protein. 


Recommended Usage

Add 2 μL of primer mix per 20 µL PCR reaction. Add DNA template and PCR master mix as per the protocol, and top the reaction up with PCR grade water to a final volume of 20 µL.


Primer Mix (10x stock solution)

Storage & Stability

Primers can be refrigerated at 4 °C between uses, but should be frozen at -20 °C to extend shelf life.

Shipping conditions

Shipped at room temperature.

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