A Portable PCR Workstation for Field Sequencing

Bento Lab + Oxford Nanopore MinION Workflow. Bento Lab: Extraction, Amplification, Library Prep. MinION: Sequencing
Bento Lab + Oxford Nanopore MinION Workflow. Bento Lab: Extraction, Amplification, Library Prep. MinION: Sequencing

Leading researchers are using Bento Lab around the world as a portable workstation for PCR and library preparation in MinION sequencing workflows.

Take the versatility of a wet lab into the field

Do the research you want to do with Bento Lab, anywhere

  • In-situ DNA barcoding
  • On-site molecular typing
  • eDNA metagenomics
  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Pre-diagnostics
  • MinION sketching

Explore what you can research

Work with DNA and sequencing anywhere

MinION Sketching

Dr Sophie Zaaijer and her team have developed an inexpensive method to prepare ready-to-sequence libraries for MinION in 55 minutes, using Bento Lab.

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In-situ DNA barcoding

Discovering marine biodiversity in Singapore using in-situ DNA barcoding on a boat using Bento Lab and MinION.

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Animal health monitoring

Bringing local health monitoring of great apes into the genomic age by identification of nematodes with Bento Lab and MinION.

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Genetic Epidemiology

Tracking antimicrobial-resistant genes in bacteria in Cambodia in resource-limited environments using Bento Lab and MinION.

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Maximise Sample Throughput with Bento Lab

Go from DNA extraction to PCR to MinION library prep using one portable workstation

32 well thermocycler
Heat or incubate, lyse cells, amplify DNA via PCR or isothermal methods, ligate sequencing adaptors

8k G centrifuge, 6 tube capacity
Sediment samples, spin down tubes, extract DNA using spin columns 

Electrophoresis and transilluminator
Cast, load, and run agarose electrophoresis gels to visualise genomic DNA or amplicon DNA

Why Researchers Use Bento Lab

Hear more from the researchers using Bento Lab with MinION sequencing in the field

We chose the BentoLab over other portable laboratory devices like the miniPCR (8-wells) as our proposed workflow was reliant on having a higher thermocycling capacity […]”

Chang et al. (2020).
Takeaways from mobile DNA barcoding with BentoLab and MinION. Genes, 11(10), 1121.

“[We] present a protocol to genetically identify nematodes using 18S SSU rRNA sequencing using the MinION, a portable third generation sequencer, and proof that it is possible to perform all the molecular preparations on a fully portable molecular biology lab – the Bentolab.

Knot et al. (2020).
DNA barcoding of nematodes using the MinION. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 8, 100.

“[We] proposed a MinION-based workflow for fast Campylobacter and other zoonotic pathogens’ screening using a Bento Lab–MinION combination for portable sequencing at the farm level…. We have demonstrated that MinION-based workflow at the farm level is viable and highly accurate by comparing it with ISO/TS 10272-2:2017.”

Marin et al. (2022).
Rapid oxford nanopore technologies MinION sequencing workflow for Campylobacter jejuni identification in broilers on site—a proof-of-concept study. Animals, 12(16), 2065.
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Carry your field sequencing lab wherever you go!

Bento Lab allows you to make genomic discoveries with MinION anywhere

Paired with Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ MinION, you can pack all you need for field sequencing into a small suitcase.

Bento Lab’s laptop-sized footprint allows easy set up and packing away wherever you want to use it, from the corner of a lab to a field station or hotel room, or on a diving boat or inside a cave system!

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