GelGreen® DNA Stain

Sensitive Non-toxic Gel Stain for DNA Visualisation

£18.00£150.00 ex VAT

GelGreen® DNA Stain

Sensitive Non-toxic Gel Stain for DNA Visualisation

£18.00£150.00 ex VAT

Visualise DNA or RNA using GelGreen®, a safe, non-toxic fluorescent dye. Provided as a 10,000x concentrated stock solution, the 500 µL tube provides enough dye to visualise up to 200 gels using 2550 mL agarose mini gels.



GelGreen® is a sensitive, non-mutagenic, and environmentally safer green fluorescent DNA gel stain. Use GelGreen® for staining and visualising DNA in agarose gels during gel electrophoresis.


  • In-gel staining for ease of use, or post-staining for improved resolution
  • Ultra-sensitive using safe visible blue light fluorescence
  • Demonstrated to be non-toxic & non-mutagenic
  • Demonstrated not to penetrate latex gloves and cell membranes 
  • Non-hazardous for easy disposal
  • Stable at room temperature


  • Use in precast gel or as a post-stain
  • Compatible with standard instruments, including blue light illuminators and 254 nm UV transilluminators
  • Compatible with cloning and sequencing
  • GelGreen® works great as an alternative to common nucleic acid stains, such as SYBR® Safe, EZ-Vision® RedSafe™, Midori Green, GreenSafe, SafeView™ Classic, and others



Recommended Usage

Add 1 μL per 10 mL of cooling molten agarose, and swirl well until fully mixed before pouring the gel. Typical volumes to use range between 2.5 μL per 25 mL of 2% agarose gel, and 5 μL per 50 mL of 1% agarose gel.


GelGreen® (10,000X in water)

Storage & Stability

Store dry at room temperature.

Shipping conditions

Shipped at room temperature.

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